Did Kathryn Dennis lie about the paternity of her baby on Southern Charm?

Jun 13, 2016 at 10:00 p.m. ET
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Well, we've arrived at the penultimate episode of this season of Southern Charm, in which Landon discusses her affection for Shep and her inability to get an actual job, Shep and his mom discuss the potential future of HusbandShep and FatherShep, and Thomas organizes a dinner party for his friends so he can yell at them. So soapy, so delightful. The reason television exists, if you ask me. But let's not get too comfortable because, of course, there's misogyny to contend with.

Last week, Patricia threw a party for Thomas to celebrate the birth of his son, and all present decided that it would be awesome for Thomas to get a paternity test, since Kathryn was probably lying about him being the father. Even Craig, who's spent this entire season encouraging everyone to give her another chance and to include her in the group, interviewed that Kathryn had been dating someone when Julien was conceived, and so it's unlikely that he's Thomas' kid. (OK, Craig. Thanks for weighing in.) 

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To be clear, it's not Thomas who's calling for this test, it's everyone around him. He's either decided that it doesn't matter or he knows Julien is his. When you're done reading this article, I would recommend taking a trip over to Kathryn's Instagram and looking at this kid. He's Thomas'. Even though he's still a baby and babies are sort of nondescript creatures until a certain point, he looks like Thomas. But also? That isn't the point.

This quest for the paternity test is just another opportunity for everyone on this show to trot out the slut-shaming they've been directing toward Kathryn all season and, for that matter, since she showed up on Southern Charm. Ever since that fateful dinner party in Season 1, when Craig announced that Kathryn had slept with three men at the table, she's been the resident harlot. It's crappy and I'm over it. We've already established that the dudes on this show can sleep with all the ladies in town and they get cookies, but if a woman does it, she's trash.

For reasons I'm not entirely sure of, I'm basically ride or die for Kathryn. I don't think she's lying about paternity. If Kathryn wanted to get away from Thomas, she could have said the dude she was dating was Julien's father and avoided a lot of problems. And we know Kathryn's family has its own high status in Charleston society, so social climbing isn't what she's after. Accusing someone of lying about the father of their baby is serious business; it has long-term repercussions, and I don't just mean the pure bloodline junk, which is what this is really all about in addition to demonizing Kathryn. Can everyone just get a grip, please? It's too late in the season for that to actually happen, but I can dream, right?

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