Michelle Money is clearly using Cody Sattler for fame on Marriage Boot Camp

Jun 10, 2016 at 11:14 p.m. ET
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This tweet essentially sums up this week's episode of Marriage Boot Camp.


Right away, Jim and Elizabeth Carroll threw the boot campers into the most intense of exercises: the one in which their partner has been killed in an accident and they have to say good-bye. (Or, in this case, identify the body.) Predictably, everyone reacted emotionally in one way or another, but believe it or not, the morgue exercise wasn't the most dramatic part of the episode. That came later, at the end, when Judge Lynn Toler forced each couple to confront what was going on in their relationship. Somehow, we managed to learn both nothing and something very important about Cody Sattler and Michelle Money.

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It is a bit of a mystery as to why these two are on the show in the first place. The status of their relationship has been in question for a while. On Monday, though, things got even murkier when Cody brought up a text message he saw on Michelle's phone (oh my God, can everyone please stop going through each other's phones). The contents of said text was something like, "Should I keep dating Cody because we're on TV or get out of this relationship?" Yikes. It's pretty hard to come back from that one, Michelle. She continued to claim, though, that her problem with Cody had to do with his incessant selfie-taking and staring in the mirror, but she also alluded to another problem — which, of course, she didn't name outright, because if she did, what would we do for the rest of the season?

I'm not usually in the habit of feeling sorry for people on this show, although I do have a weird soft spot for Tara Reid (I'm dealing with it). However, it's hard not to feel sorry for Cody since it's clear he's dedicated to the relationship and into Michelle, and she seems... like she's not. She confessed to being "over it" before they even got to the house, which isn't a good sign. So, when Jim and Elizabeth nailed them last week on faking their enthusiasm and trying too hard, they were totally right.

It looks super bleak for these two, but who knows? Other couples have decided to stay together at the end of the show and then broken up later, so it's not like we've never seen that behavior before. But what is actually going on with Michelle and Cody? Is there some gory secret that they're hiding? Or is it simply that Michelle is totally over it? Stay tuned, because like it or not, we will be finding out.

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Do you think Michelle wants to be with Cody, or is this all about getting on TV? Tell us in the comments.

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