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Cary Deuber addresses affair rumors in RHOD reunion sneak peek

Cary Deuber and LeeAnn Locken will duke it out on The Real Housewives of Dallas reunion, and thanks to this sneak peek, we can start preparing for all the drama that’s about to go down when the special airs on June 19.

In the sneak peek clip on, a serious fight breaks out between the two reality show cast members over Locken reportedly spreading rumors about Cary and Mark Deuber, saying their relationship began with an affair during Deuber’s previous marriage.

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“So you two did not have an affair?” moderator Andy Cohen asks the married couple.

“No,” Deuber replies while crying.

When Cohen questions Locken about spreading these rumors, things between Deuber and Locken get heated. Check it out in the clip below.

“Cary and I don’t get along; we’ve never gotten along,” Locken claims in the clip. “We haven’t gotten along since before Cary actually even knew me.

“That is not true,” Deuber replies. “I called you, we had conversations.”

“We had one conversation,” Locken says.

“Before this show or anything, I never had a problem with you,” says Deuber.

“And I never had a problem [with you], but I’ve been told by several people,” replies Locken.

“You’re misinformed again!” claims Deuber.

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Locken goes on to say that Deuber is also misinformed about her, stating, “You’re saying that I’m a social climber and I’m not. I show up at charity events because I truly give a shit about charity.”

“And I am proud of you for that,” Deuber replies.

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“Why disrespect my charity and say that it’s not OK for me to quote unquote spread rumors about your marriage, but it’s OK for you to quote unquote spread rumors about why I do charity?” Locken asks.

Then, Deuber hits Locken with my favorite quote of the clip, “I’m not spreading rumors; I’m saying it to your face!”

Well, at least she’s being honest!

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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Image: Bravo

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