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Supergirl‘s Jeremy Jordan is giving us a chance to save a teenage girl — his cousin

Sometimes, celebrities use their power for good. Supergirl’s Jeremy Jordan has caught media attention with his fight for his cousin Sarah, who he claims is “trapped against her will at a terrible facility in Texas.” According to Jordan, after attending prom with her girlfriend, Sarah’s parents sent her to an East Texas Christian boarding facility to “pray away the gay.”

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On a GoFundMe page, Jordan’s brother Joey explains that the family is accepting donations that will go toward legal fees for the lawyers trying to get Sarah released from custody.

Not only can Sarah not leave of her own free will, the site explains, she can’t even escape. “When Sarah attempted to walk out of the facility shortly after being placed there, staff quickly apprehended her and returned her to the facility, and she was punished for her escape attempt.”

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Jordan wrote on Twitter, “It BREAKS MY HEART this sweet young girl who’s only ‘issue’ is loving another girl has been sent to a facility for ‘troubled teens.’ News flash, folks, there’s nothing wrong with her. #SaveSarah.”

People spoke with the law firm bringing the suit, and the attorney hired by Sarah’s aunt had this to say about the case: “I can’t comment on pending litigation, other than to authenticate that to the best of my knowledge, the background information on the GoFundMe shared by Sarah’s cousin is truthful.”

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