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Days of Our Lives‘ plan to replace Kate Mansi is ludicrous

All of the soaps are great about releasing spoilers to the fans a few weeks ahead of time. However, looking at the upcoming Days of Our Lives storyline with Kate Mansi’s exit as Abigail, we have to put on the brakes.

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The latest DOOL spoilers have Chad (Billy Flynn) and Marlena (Deidre Hall) arriving at the Shady Hills psychiatric hospital after receiving word that there was a fire and Abby was injured. According to, her burns will cover her face and require a mask.

Come on! Do the DOOL producers think we need an age-old soap device to replace an actor? This is how they are going to have Mansi exit and replacement Marci Miller enter the show? We deserve better than that.

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The website is reporting that there is even facial reconstructive surgery coming up for Abby. While Mansi and Miller certainly don’t look alike, we know fans can handle a new actor stepping into a role. It happens all of the time on soaps.

In fact, Billy Flynn replaced Casey Deidrick, who originated the role of Chad in 2014. There wasn’t a silly facial reconstruction story to explain their differences in appearance. Why do they have to do that to Abby?

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Soap Opera Digest has a recent print interview with Mansi, who indicated that her final scenes went through several revisions. Were the DOOL writers toying with multiple endings for her departure?

It doesn’t sound like it was an easy process, but we think DOOL could do a lot better than heading down this road. It’s a short road at this point since the actress revealed on Instagram that her last show is Friday, June 24; so mark those calendars.

The DOOL writers have a heavy workload ahead with transitioning Miller into Mansi’s spot in addition to satisfying Jen Lilley fans about Theresa’s concluding storyline. We still don’t know if Theresa will be played by another actress, but Lilley’s departure leaves big shoes to fill in.

What do you think about the Days of Our Lives storyline for Abigail?

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