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Kelly Jo and Gil Bates need to write a parenting book

Families like the Bateses and the Duggars often get criticized for the way they treat the girls versus the boys, so there’s no doubt that tonight’s episode of Bringing Up Bates made some raise their eyebrows. But in this case, you can’t call their exclusion of the girls anything but a good time.

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Jeb and Trace shared their birthday on the episode with an all-boys birthday party extravaganza that was so adorable I could hardly stand it. I absolutely love the Bates siblings’ relationships. How those 19 kids manage to love each other despite the constant close quarters is beyond me. My sisters and I would be pulling each other’s hair out after a week of living in the same room together, and we’re all in our 20s. But the Bates kids are all best friends, even with their large age gaps.

Such is the case for Jeb and Trace, who are two peas in a pod and are even further bonded over the fact that they share a birthday. Jeb loves Trace, and he’s far from the only Bates kid who has a special relationship with one of the older siblings. Callie loves Michaela, for example, and Carlin has referred to Erin Paine in the past as her “best friend.”

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Now, my siblings and I are best friends too, we just also have our moments of not-so-shining glory where we bicker like crazy. Does Bringing Up Bates just edit out this part of the Bates family’s life? Because you don’t ever even see them arguing, let alone fighting. They are always so supportive of the little ones succeeding and seem to really make the effort to make sure everyone is included. It always warms my heart to see it on the show because it seems so contradictory to what you would imagine life with 19 kids would be like.

That’s why when, on tonight’s episode, the boys went out for a boys only birthday party, no one was upset about not being included. (Except Tori and Carlin who joked about wanting to ride on the go-carts.) The family does such a good job of making everyone feel needed and appreciated that when it comes time for the group to split up and have some time separate from the crowd, it’s OK.

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Seriously, Kelly Jo and Gil should write a parenting book. They are clearly experts.

Are you impressed with the Bates family dynamic or do you think the show just edits out the fighting?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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