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Can Shemar Moore’s new Criminal Minds replacement heal fans’ broken hearts?

OK, Criminal Minds fans, I know you have been crying tears of despair ever since Shemar Moore’s exit from the show last spring, but fret not. CBS just found a suitable replacement that will ease everyone’s pain and fill those oh-so-hot Derek Morgan-sized shoes.

Shemar Moore gif
Image: shemarfranklinmoore/Tumblr

I know, I know, it sounds ridiculous that someone could possibly hold a candle to Moore’s sexiness. But hear me out: The network just announced that Adam Rodriguez of Magic Mike fame has been added as a series regular for Season 12, according to Us Weekly.

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And if anyone can mend our broken hearts over Moore’s departure, it’s a man who can hold his own next to Channing Tatum.

Magic Mike gif
Image: Giphy

That’s Rodriguez to the right of Tatum, by the way. Hubba hubba.

“We have exciting storylines planned for his character and the entire Behavioral Analysis Unit team as we head into our 12th season,” executive producer and showrunner Erica Messer said of Rodriguez, who will play a special agent on the FBI Fugitive Task Force in the BAU.

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Rodriguez also took to Instagram to make the announcement and express his excitement.

“Just wanted to say how happy I am to be joining the cast of this great show! I look forward to working with the family of people involved in making this such a long standing hit and to entertaining all of the wonderful fans that have made it possible,” he captioned a photo on the social media site.

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Rodriguez is no stranger to crime fighting, either. He played Detective Eric “Delko” Delektorsky on CSI: Miami from 2002 to 2012.

What do you think of the BAU’s newest member?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Criminal Minds slideshow then & now
Image: CBS

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