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Every fight on RHONY seems to start with bad advice from Ramona Singer

The newest episode of The Real Housewives of New York was full of arguments. They’re all full of arguments, but this one was especially bad. There was one shining light, though, and that was when the women revealed the foundation of every problem they have: They listen to each other’s advice. Specifically, they listen to Ramona Singer’s advice.

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LuAnn de Lesseps spent an entire evening fighting with both Carole Radziwill and Bethenny Frankel because she listened to Singer’s advice. Well, also because she has no idea how to make an actual apology. But Singer’s text advice didn’t help whatsoever.

Sonja Morgan also had a fight with Frankel because she listened to what Singer told her to do.

What’s astonishing about the whole thing is Singer isn’t giving this advice maliciously. She’s not trying to continue the drama between the Housewives, she’s actually just terrible at figuring out the best way to ease tensions.

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Of course, Singer herself is notorious for not being able to take responsibility for anything she’s ever done. That plays a major role in why she can’t offer her friends sound advice, but it also seems like she’s never listening close enough to have anything meaningful to say. She lives in her own world until she can say something, and the result is huge blowouts between otherwise rational women.

But we all know that identifying the cause of the issue and actually taking steps to fix it are two completely separate things. Because these women do, on some level, care about each other, they’re always going to go to each other in hopes of finding the best solution to any conflict. That’s not the part that needs to change.

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What needs to change is them listening to the advice, deciding for themselves whether or not it’s actually useful, and then deciding the right course of action. Not just blindly following whatever someone says.

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