Does Chris Soules regret his Whitney Bischoff breakup?

The Bachelor doesn’t have the best track record for long-lasting relationships. Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff are part of the long list of couples who started strong but never made it down the aisle. Fortunately, they seem to be one of the only couples that split on good terms. So good, in fact, that Soules willingly admits how much he misses Bischoff.

While chatting with Life & Style recently, Soules opened up about his feelings toward Bischoff, even a year after they split. He admitted, “I miss her. I just care about her. She’s a great person.”

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I mean, how many exes do you have that would admit to the world that they miss you?

Bischoff must feel the same way about Soules, because according to him, the pair is still in touch. The former reality star said, “We get to stay in touch. It’s a mutually amicable friendship now.”

It speaks to their maturity because Bischoff is already in a new relationship and living with her boyfriend. Soules clearly isn’t starting a campaign to win her back, he’s just speaking highly of his ex-turned-good-friend. It’s a sweet thing to see, especially when you compare it to the bad-mouthing other contestants of The Bachelor have done.

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Soules and Bischoff got together on the 19th season of The Bachelor. During the finale, Soules called the day he watched her step out of the limo the “best day” of his life. But the fairy tale only lasted a little while. After about six months together, the couple announced their split, insisting that the breakup was mutual and amicable.

In the aftermath of the news, both Soules and Bischoff took to Twitter to thank everyone for their well wishes and notes of support. It seems as if it was all smooth sailing after that. They all but stayed silent about each other. It really was the perfect breakup, if there is such a thing.

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Let’s all hope that things stay this way. Maybe they can lead by example for other reality TV couples.

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