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There Goes the Motherhood gives me new appreciation for my marriage

Dysfunctional romances are so prominent on reality TV, I’ve come to take it for granted that all reality stars are either single or in miserable relationships. There Goes the Motherhood has proven me wrong, for while there are plenty of relationship problems on the show, there are also a few great examples of parents working through their problems in (gasp) a responsible manner.

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Meghan Conroy-Resich and her husband provide, perhaps, the best example of what a good, but realistic relationship looks like. The two are by no means perfect, but their problems pale in comparison to those faced by their fellow reality stars. Their biggest issues seems to be a lack of communication, with Conroy-Resich frequently forgetting to show her husband just how much she appreciates his support. She hates showing emotional vulnerability, but sometimes she comes across as cold and uncaring.

There Goes the Motherhood
Image: Bravo

If being with a bunch of crazy moms has taught Conroy-Resich one thing, it’s that she has it good. She’s also learned how important it is to express her true feelings because a great family life can be quickly torn away. During tonight’s episode, she managed to open up for a moment and show real vulnerability. It was a beautiful moment and one that I’m sure her husband will cherish in months and years to come.

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Displays of vulnerability are evidently not a typical thing in the Conroy-Resich household, because in a heartbreaking confession, her husband admitted that he never hears her say those three magic words unless he’s said them first. I really hope that will change, because based on his tears of happiness, he was really touched by his wife’s show of appreciation.

There Goes the Motherhood
Image: Bravo

Conroy-Resich isn’t the only one who has learned the power of three simple words. Like her, I am fortunate enough to have a relatively drama-free marriage, but like her, I can do more to show my husband how much I care. We share plenty of I love yous, but there is always room for more. We haven’t been married long, so yes, we have the luxury of being in the newlywed phase. Tonight’s episode, however, was a good reminder that, no matter how crazy life gets, I need to show him I love him and appreciate him. Who knew reality TV could impart such important life lessons?

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What did you think of Meghan Conroy-Resich’s vulnerable moment on There Goes the Motherhood? Comment and share your opinion below.

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