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Jason Aldean reveals babies are definitely in his future

First comes love, then comes marriage, but for Jason Aldean and Brittany Kerr, it stops there. At least for now. The newlyweds have enjoyed their married life so much that although they do want kids in the future, they’re fine putting it off for a little while.

Aldean recently opened up about expanding his family with more kids, saying that he and Kerr are definitely planning for it. He said, “We would love to. We kind of just wanted our time to enjoy being married and enjoy that first. It’s definitely something that we’ve talked about.”

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One of their reservations is losing the fun life they’ve gotten used to living. Aldean mentioned that, “Once you have a kid, bring a baby in it, life as you know it changes drastically, for the better. It definitely changes. We’re just enjoying the newlywed life and being married and having fun with it right now.”

We can all agree that that’s just code for they’re happy just practicing for now, right?

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It’s understandable that Aldean isn’t in any rush — he’s already got two daughters from his previous marriage. He loves being a dad to them, but knows that being on the road all the time makes those relationships harder. It’s probably why he brings Kerr on tour with him most of the time.

He said that may be the key to their first year of marriage being so fun. He said, “It’s actually been great. It’s fun, she travels with me, she’s out on the road with me most of the time. It’s cool. It’s nice to have her out there and not have to have that separation. I think it makes it easier to be on the road, and easier on the relationship.”

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Kerr definitely has time to spare as well. At 28, she’s got plenty of time to enjoy the married life before she has to pay attention to the biological clock. The couple may as well live it up while they have the chance.

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