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Growing Up McGhee‘s premiere just gave me a bad case of anxiety

Growing Up McGhee premiered tonight on UPtv, and more than anything, it just made me thankful I don’t have babies… yet.

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While Ro and Mia McGhee seem like incredible parents, raising six children — all the same age — seems like the most stressful responsibility in the world. Even watching the premiere tonight was enough to make my head spin. Between the talk of constant noise to the description of the family’s routine in order to keep things organized, I have officially decided that I’m waiting to have babies as long as humanly (or womanly, as the case may be) possible. No babies. No. Babies. And I sure as hell don’t want six of them.

Whereas the Bates family manages 19 children with help from the older children looking after the younger ones, the McGhees don’t have that luxury. They’ve got six 5-year-olds and the result is chaos no matter how on-point the parents are.

I watch the Bates family and think, “Oh, this actually doesn’t seem so bad.” I watch the McGhees and my heart starts pounding and I break out in a cold sweat.

I’ll be interested to see how the rest of Season 1 unfolds because it’s hard to imagine how the show plans on mixing things up. When every day with this family has to be so regimented in order to accommodate raising six kids at once, creativity for a show seems like it will be, admittedly, limited.

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I 100 percent understand why this family would be interested in reality television. The freedom that income would provide has to be such a relief. After all, Mia and Ro started their own carpet cleaning business when their kids were born just so they could have the flexibility to raise them.

What this family really needs is a nanny. Or two. Grandma just isn’t enough of a permanent babysitter to give these people some sanity. Plus, what are they going to do when the kids get older? Right now the boys are sharing a room. Can you imagine four teenagers sharing a room?

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Clearly I’m just all sorts of stressed out after this show. Perhaps that’s why Growing Up McGhee will be a success. It’s like watching that sawing in half magic trick and realizing at the end the magician isn’t dead and is still in one piece. I’m still stumbling over how the McGhees make it work, but make it work they do. Bravo, bravo.

Was the premiere of Growing Up McGhee enough to get you hooked on the show?

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