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Paula Abdul getting barfed on by a little girl is the highlight of our day

Paula Abdul might be used to being showered with attention, but certainly not showered with vomit. That all changed at this little girl’s audition for So You Think You Can Dance.

Little Chi Tahani totally rocked her Chicago tryout with a performance to Beyoncé’s hit song “Countdown,” and she got three thumbs up from the judges. Unfortunately, it all went downhill from there.

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When Abdul gave Tahani a hug to congratulate her for a job well done, the little girl thanked her with a lap full of vomit!
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While we think the excitement and all those flips may have had something to do with Tahani’s sensitive tummy, she gave a really cute reason for barfing all over Abdul.

“Well, I hugged Nigel,” she explained, “and then I hugged Paula, and she just squeezed me too tight, and all the happiness came on her jacket.”

So really, it’s all Abdul’s fault.

“I’ve never had anyone vomit on me like that,” Abdul said, rather unconvincingly. But maybe the pukers on American Idol saved it for Simon backstage?

Tahani will join J.T., Emma, Tia, Leana, Alex, Diana and Daniela, all from the Chicago auditions, at the Academy.

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