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Kelly Ripa doesn’t want Regis back on Live! and frankly, neither do we

It’s Live! with Kelly… and Regis? Yep, you read that right. Apparently, Regis Philbin, the former co-host of the popular morning show, may be in talks with ABC to return to his position on Live! following his 2011 retirement. However, following the recent release of co-host Michael Strahan, In Touch magazine is reporting that Ripa is less than thrilled about the idea. And, personally, I can’t blame her if she really does feel that way. Why? Because after 10 years on the show with Philbin and five years apart, a lot has changed. And there’s no reason to go back.

“ABC suggested having him come back on a temporary basis. But Kelly shot it down immediately,” In Touch‘s inside source stated. “She and Regis aren’t close and she felt ABC was just trying to continue to agitate her.” I know. The thought of Philbin and Ripa no longer getting along is completely heartbreaking. However, during a Today interview on SiriusXM just last year, Philbin revealed the nature of their friendship in saying, “I haven’t seen her, I don’t see her. She lived downtown, and now I hear she’s on the East Side and, uh, you know.” Ouch! It sure sounds like they’ve been out of contact to me. And that may affect their ability to really relate to each other and work together again in an understanding and friendly way.

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However, possible host drama aside, there are other reasons why I would imagine that Ripa would be opposed to the idea. For one, Philbin already received a lengthy goodbye from the show back in 2011. And following his retirement, the show that once belonged to Philbin and Kathy Lee Gifford was passed down to Ripa, making it Ripa’s show now that she can handle very well herself. Or at least that’s what she’s proved in the past five years while working with both Strahan and the multiple guests hosts brought on the show for one or two episodes at a time. While the show may be formatted to rely on two hosts, I think it’s safe to say that Ripa is not the weak link here.

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Basically, what it comes down to is that Ripa does not need someone to hold her hand. She can very well exist without Philbin. While she may still want a co-host and ABC may still place her with someone else, it’s about time that they trust her as well. If Philbin returns, I think that would be a slap in the face to Ripa and what it means in regard to the network’s trust in her. She’s already stated that all she is asking for is the respect that she deserves during her speech following the announcement of Strahan leaving.

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Now this is in no way a response to Philbin himself and his ability to jump back into the co-host game after his time away. We all know that Philbin is incredible at what he does. But my main concern is whether a return is necessary simply to appease the possible fears and insecurities of the network.

Kelly, just keep on hanging on. You got this!

Would you like to see Regis Philbin return to the show?

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