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Martha Stewart doesn’t sound like an OITNB fan at all

How does Orange Is the New Black stack up to prison in real life? Not well, according to former inmate Martha Stewart.

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Stewart appeared on a recent episode of the talk show Chelsea, where she revealed that she doesn’t watch Netflix’s hugely popular series OITNB because she thinks her own prison story is more interesting than anything the show’s writers could come up with. (Did no one mention to Stewart that OITNB is based on a true story?)

When host Chelsea Handler asked Stewart if she avoided watching OITNB because it “hits too close to home,” Stewart’s response was, “It’s not as good as the real thing.

“When you live through something like Orange Is the New Black, the real characters are better,” explained Stewart, who served five months behind bars in 2004 for charges related to fraud and insider trading.

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However, to hear Stewart describe her time in prison, it doesn’t seem nearly as interesting as OITNB. While the drama series is full of daring escapes, forbidden love and murder, Stewart’s biggest complaint about serving time is that she didn’t get to watch the TV channels she wanted to.

“In prison, it was BET television at all times. I had to get up really early to watch the news,” she said. “There’s only one TV available and you have to sit in hard chairs and look up like this [cranes her neck] at the TV. So if I wanted to watch the stock market and stuff like that, I had to get up really early and watch it by myself.”

There you have it. Martha Stewart’s million-dollar TV idea: a series about what it’s really like behind bars — having to get up early to watch the news.

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