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Live! execs can keep Kelly Ripa in the dark but they can’t keep her quiet

It turns out, just ignoring a problem and hoping it goes away doesn’t work when that problem is with Kelly Ripa. Although most of the executives at Live! probably hoped that talk about their unfair treatment of Ripa would go away after a few days, she’s made sure that viewers and executives alike don’t forget what happened. Honestly, I think I love her more for it.

On a recent episode of Live! Joel McHale was discussing Ripa’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony and asked her if it’s weird to think that “people are walking on top of you right now?”

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Ripa replied with one perfectly sassy remark. She said, “No, I’ve gotten used to that.” Of course, she played it off as a joke, but everyone knows exactly what she was talking about.

This isn’t the first time she’s made a snide remark about her treatment at the show. She’s joked about everything from Strahan’s two divorces to contract negotiations. And when she isn’t speaking out about it, she’s wearing a jacket with the word “Freedom” on the back in big bold letters.

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Ripa knows that she may not be able to force executives to treat her fairly, but she can certainly can keep talking until they respect her.

It’s important for all women to support her while she tries to fight back. Each time she mentions the unfair treatment, she keeps people talking and keeps the issue at the front of everyone’s minds. We need to keep the conversation going so that eventually people will stop acting the way the Live! executives did. Really, each time a woman as smart and talented as Ripa earns respect for herself, she’s also earning respect for the rest of us, no matter where we work.

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So if she continues these quips for the rest of the summer, or the year, I’m going to keep laughing and keep supporting her. You go, girl!

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