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Wearing booty shorts doesn’t make Ariel Winter a slut

Since turning 18, Ariel Winter’s image has changed, and she has been wearing clothing that shows off more of her figure. Winter has made it clear that she is proud of her body, and it’s her decision what she wishes to do with it. However, the problem is that haters have taken notice, and she’s received an unbelievable amount of backlash on one of her more recent pictures.

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Winter recently posted a photo of herself wearing a cleavage-baring bodysuit and short denim shorts, along with the caption, “Might ride some [horse emoji] today #dayoff.”
Critics have been quick to slam her for her outfit choice, with comments ranging from slut-shaming to slamming her for being “desperate for attention.”

“Wow..uve turned into a complete slut ehh..” i_must_i commented. Malik1445 echoed these comments, writing, “cheap whore” and later adding, “0 class.”

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Other negative comments include, “Poor judgement,” “Soon leaked nude photos,” “Desperate for attention,” and, “This teenager really does take ‘Hey look at me’ a bit too far.”
We get it — Winter posted a picture of her outfit and so a lot of people are going to talk about it, but that does not give anyone the right to slut-shame her because of it. Winter is wearing clothing that she feels happy in, and something that so many critics seem to forget is that she’s a person, with feelings, not some piece of meat to be commented on.

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We don’t think Winter needs anyone to defend her from negative comments on social media, but it’s important to note that comments like these really cross the line. Do you agree? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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