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Apparently all Kanye West wants for his birthday is Taylor Swift’s love

It’s Kanye West’s birthday today, but what does the man who has pretty much everything want for his 39th bash? Apparently, that’s something only Taylor Swift can give him.

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West and Swift have a controversial relationship, with West causing all the controversy: He most recently raised eyebrows when he dissed Swift in his track “Famous.” But, according to Hollywood Life, of all the things that he wants for his birthday, West would really like Swift to show him some social media love.

“Kanye thinks June 8 should be a national holiday because it’s his birthday. He’s loves being the center of attention and everything being about him and that’s exactly what he wants on his birthday,” a source told Hollywood Life.

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And if you thought that West would be spending his birthday at some expensive restaurant or club, well, according to the source, he’s going to be spending it on social media.

“He’s going to be scrolling social media with his feet up, beer in hand, smiling from ear to ear with all the tributes he’s going to get and he’s expecting Taylor to pay homage,” the source told the publication, adding,”That would make his day and she’d get mad cool points for showing him major respect like that. He’s still got a bad taste in his mouth from their past feuds, but he’s willing to overlook all that nonsense if Taylor serenades him with b-day love.”

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We’re not sure if this is what West really wants for his birthday, or if he’ll be getting it for that matter. But what do you think? Would a tweet from Taylor Swift be enough to successfully end all the rumors of a feud? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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