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Todd Chrisley’s kids aren’t as spoiled as he thinks

When Todd Chrisley worries that there is something wrong with his children, he takes drastic measures to fix it. In the latest episode of Chrisley Knows Best, that meant sending his two older children, Chase and Savannah, to work on a farm in Franklin, Tennessee. Todd thought that because he created a privileged life for his children their work ethic turned soft and he wanted to make sure he turned that around as soon as he could. As you can imagine, the kids weren’t thrilled.

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Throughout their time on the farm, Chase and Savannah did moan about the smells and the manual labor, but I don’t think they should be blamed for that. It wasn’t until their last day that Chase and Savannah showed how exceptionally mature they are, even if they are a bit spoiled.

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The siblings took it upon themselves to put in their full effort working on the farm, selling at the farmer’s market and helping out the family that owned the property. Surprisingly, they felt a huge amount of responsibility to the farm owners to make sure that they did their best — something they don’t always show to Todd. Despite the immaturity or playful banter they may throw at at their dad, they still respect him and want to make him proud, even when he’s not around.

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It’s a sign of Todd and Julie’s excellent parenting that the kids want to do their best. They’ve raised Savannah and Chase up to be excellent employees, business thinkers and responsible young adults. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t pretty or love manual labor all the sudden, but it does mean that Todd doesn’t have to worry about his children. He’s done a great job raising them.

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