Melissa McCarthy perfectly sums up real women in 4 words

Jun 7, 2016 at 11:27 p.m. ET
Image: WENN

On the list of badass women who are always fighting the good fight, Melissa McCarthy easily ranks in the top three. Whether she’s working to create cute clothes for women of all sizes or fighting for her characters to be complete pictures of all women, it seems like she always has energy for her cause. While promoting her role in the new Ghostbusters movie, she explained why all of it is so important to her.

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In an interview with Elle, McCarthy said, “I get so psychotically attached to all of my characters, and I fight for them in probably the most annoying way. I hear myself saying... ‘She wouldn’t phrase it that way.’ I know it’s such an actor-y thing, but I feel it to my core: I have to represent the woman I’m getting to be.”

It’s easy to see how McCarthy became a mega-talented star — she takes her craft and her audience seriously, even if it is comedy.

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She went on to explain that she feels like she almost owes it to the character, and the audience, to advocate for their truth. She said, “Even if she’s fictitious, she’s always real to me: three-dimensional, flawed, loving, screwed up, as real women are.”

McCarthy’s authenticity is really unmatched. Instead of claiming to be flawless or on top of her game at all times, she admits that she, like all women, is flawed, loving, screwed up and even more. She’s not trying to set an unattainable standard, she’s just trying to show as many sides of women, and embrace as many women, as she can.

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It’s inspiring to hear that it’s important to her and that she’s not scared to talk about it as often as she can. While other actresses may be nervous talking about ways in which they may be seen as “difficult” on set, she speaks openly about it because her process means that much to her. We certainly need more people like her in the world, and especially in Hollywood.