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I’m calling it now: Rachel’s totally going to end up with Coleman on UnREAL

When Michael Rady was cast in Season 2 of UnREAL, fans knew he was playing a filmmaker named Coleman with the possibility of becoming Rachel’s new love interest. Well, that definitely seems to be the case after Monday’s episode.

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Before I get to Coleman and Rachel, let’s talk about the mess that is Quinn, Chet and Rachel trying to run Everlasting‘s newest season. After last week’s episode in which Quinn and Chet declared war over the show, Rachel’s showrunner status was quickly ripped away from her by Quinn. However, Quinn did promise Rachel that as soon as she handled Chet, she would hand it back over to her.

Quinn, UnREAL
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As I’m sure many viewers guessed would happen, it’s not all going as planned, especially since there is now Team Chet and Team Quinn. Yeah, they’re filming two different versions of Everlasting, which is nothing short of the usual crazy. Chet’s is more of a wild Everlasting with major Real World vibes, whereas Quinn is sticking to what she knows best.

And Rachel? Well, she’s back to producing, but not really loving it. She wants her showrunner title back, but Quinn definitely isn’t giving that up anytime soon. So, in what was a major power move by Rachel, she went directly to Gary, the network president. Not only did she reveal how Quinn and Chet are running things, but she planted the seed of why she should be running the show.

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Yeah, she totally stabbed Quinn in the back. That said, she definitely pulled a Quinn-like move, so how angry will Quinn truly be? Well, seeing how all of this led to Gary coming to set and voicing his concerns for the series and giving both Quinn and Chet’s job to someone else, I’m going to say Quinn is going to be furious at Rachel, once she finds out what she did.

Yes, you read that right. Gary brought on a new showrunner for the season. That’s where Coleman comes into play. Side note: Anyone else cringe when Rachel thought Gary was going to announce her as the new showrunner, but then Coleman entered the room? Yeah, super awkward.

Quinn and Rachel
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I applaud Rachel for her attempt at overthrowing Quinn. Also, thanks to her big move, Season 2 just got a whole lot more interesting. I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of drama ahead and even more so between Quinn and Rachel. The filming of Everlasting Season 14 is going to be quite different now that Coleman is in charge and going with Chet’s angle. Where does this put Quinn? What will she be doing? And what about Rachel? Is she still a producer? Things are getting turned upside down, and I like it.

Oh, and Rachel and Coleman are totally going to hook up, right? Not only are they both educated and intelligent individuals who know about film-making but there was also a lot chemistry there upon their first meeting. Jeremy and Adam, who? Hello, Coleman.

If Coleman turns out to be a decent guy and possibly “the one” for Rachel, here’s hoping it doesn’t get screwed up. Though, this is UnREAL we’re talking about, so, yeah, it will probably all go downhill at some point in time. I’m sending Rachel all the luck in the world.

UnREAL airs Mondays at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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