Ozzy Osbourne's ex-manager calls BS on Ozzy's 'split' from Sharon

Jun 7, 2016 at 8:28 p.m. ET
Image: Lexi Jones/WENN.com

Remember when we shared some intel that some people in Ozzy Osbourne's camp believe his cheating scandal and subsequent marriage implosion was all a publicity stunt set up by Sharon? Another insider is lending credence to the claim.

Ozzy's former manager, Steven Machat, went on record to say he believes the whole story is simply a ploy to get Ozzy back in the public eye before his band Black Sabbath tours this summer — and thus, drive ticket sales.

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"I would put money on [the fact that] it's a publicity stunt," Machat told Radar Online. "They're going on a Black Sabbath tour. She would do this in a minute — it's propaganda!

"Sharon is clever enough to make a story that the press would read, so all of a sudden he becomes relevant again," Machat said. "He's not all there. I would doubt that he had an affair."

Machat also believes there's not a snowball's chance in hell that this couple would ever see the inside of a divorce court.

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"She's not divorcing him — that's her beast of burden," he said. "She was in love with the fact that… she could milk him for money. That's how I saw it. Sharon is someone that would manipulate the media to say that her and Ozzy have broken up, and now she would go back with him.

"She was perfect for him — she was made to order," he said. "She's his mother and nurse and manager."

It's not as if Sharon needs Ozzy's profile raised to raise her own. At this point, she probably brings in more money than he does. But hey, you do you, girl.

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