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As if Lily-Rose Depp isn’t dealing with enough, now her prom look is under attack

Every teen deserves a good prom night. In the midst of her father, Johnny Depp’s domestic abuse accusations and divorce from Amber Heard, Lily-Rose Depp had to drop everything and attend senior prom. In photos captured on Instagram and shared via People, she looks like she doesn’t have a care in the world — exactly how you’re supposed to look on prom night.

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But of course, that wasn’t enough for online commenters. People mag readers took to the comment section to accuse Lily-Rose of weight issues. “Can you spell anorexic? Someone needs to get that under control,” one wrote. “She’s all bones! She will never look good in anything. I don’t care who her father is. He’s a terrible actor and a wife beater…” another agreed. “Eat something and wear a bra,” another said.

Public service announcement: Never tell a woman to “eat something.” Related: Never tell a woman to eat less. Let’s stop weighing in on anyone’s choices about their body. She’s 17 years old, so let’s work even harder to leave her alone. It’s simple — just don’t open your mouth. Remember the golden rule we all learned at one point? Why have we all forgotten it since the invention of the internet?

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For her part, it’s no surprise that Lily-Rose looks totally comfortable in black tie. Whether she’s sitting in the front row at fashion week or gracing magazine covers, she isn’t exactly a regular teen. In her cover story for Love Magazine, she wasn’t shy about her love of couture.

“Chanel has always been this big thing for me — there are baby pictures of me wearing my mom’s Chanel pumps,” she said. If Lily-Rose is happy, we’re happy.

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