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Amber Heard’s past should have no bearing on her case against Johnny Depp

If there’s one thing that should have absolutely no bearing on Amber Heard’s allegations of domestic abuse against her estranged husband, Johnny Depp, it’s her past.

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News outlets on Tuesday reported that Heard had been arrested in 2009 for allegedly committing domestic abuse against her then-girlfriend, Taysa van Ree. According to reports, the pair got into a fight at a Seattle airport and Heard was arrested when she grabbed van Ree’s arm.

The day after the incident, Heard appeared in court on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge, where the prosecutor declined to move forward.

What that means is that even though Heard was once accused of domestic violence, the charge was dismissed — she was never found to have done anything wrong. Bringing that incident into the spotlight now just creates another unnecessary barrier that Heard will have to overcome to convince a judge that she was abused by Depp.

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And even if Heard had been found in the wrong, what does that have to do with her case now? Women face so much judgement, scrutiny and skepticism when they accuse men of domestic violence as it is. Whatever has happened in Heard’s past should have no bearing on her case today, because the two are completely unrelated.

But in the eyes of the public, Heard’s credibility has likely taken a hit because of this new information. It just means she’s going to have to fight even harder to make her case, and that shouldn’t be happening. The evidence in her case against Depp should be carefully examined, but that evidence doesn’t include anything that happened in 2009.

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