Southern Charm's Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis are officially at war

Jun 7, 2016 at 2:31 p.m. ET
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If you've never seen an episode of Southern Charm in your life, Monday's show would have made you believe that Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel were a completely mature, sane, kind of cute couple. After Kathryn gave birth to the pair's second child, St. Julien Rembert Ravenel, Thomas and Kathryn became a team. Despite the fact that they technically weren't together, Thomas was bringing Kathryn food and putting together baby furniture. They were even snuggling together, and there was talk of a ring. From everything we saw, it seemed like a reunion was all but completely imminent.

But then the last 10 seconds of the show happened.

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Craig Conover, who arguably has been Kathryn's biggest cheerleader and defender this season, revealed that he knew for a fact that Kathryn was dating someone else when Thomas and Kathryn slept together (one time), so there's a fairly decent chance that the child isn't his. Everything we had seen in the last 59 minutes was undone and we were left with a major cliffhanger.

The preview for next week's episode ensures that there will be plenty of drama for the folks in Charleston, and from the looks of things, Thomas stands by Kathryn. But after doing a little digging around, it appears that the couple is far from cordial these days. In fact, it appears that things are uglier than ever between the two.

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Here's everything you need to know about Thomas and Kathryn's mess of a relationship these days.

1. Thomas supposedly hasn't seen his kids in months


Recently, Kathryn revealed on the SiriusXM radio show Reality Checked that Thomas hasn't seen either of their children in months. "He needs to support me because we have two children together," Kathryn said, adding, "He told me we were gonna have children and I wouldn't have to worry about anything and then he totally went off the grid."

2. Thomas supposedly hasn't paid child support


Again, this is coming from Kathryn, so do with it what you will, but she claims that she hasn't seen any money from Ravenel recently. "He hasn't called me, talked to our kids, seen our kids in months," she said. "He hasn't given me money. So that's kind of why I'm asking for his help and support."

3. Thomas is suing Kathryn

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Hmm... here's where things get fishy. Despite the fact that Kathryn says Thomas hasn't seen the kids, he is actually suing Kathryn to see his son and daughter. “I haven’t seen my kids in 10 weeks because she won’t allow me visitation,” Ravenel revealed. “I have routinely made visitation requests through our lawyers and they are ignored."

4. Thomas says that he does give Kathryn money


Again, this is very he said/she said, but Thomas claims that he gives Kathryn over $3,000 a month. "Fact: I pay her rent each month of $3,100," Thomas said. "I have made her a settlement offer which would pay her quite more. She never countered it [nor] has she proposed to me what she wants. She also makes six figures a season from the show. I was hoping we could work something out, but to no avail. My only recourse is through the courts." I'm sorry, but did he say she makes six figures?

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5. Thomas gives Kathryn an "F-minus" in mothering


Well, that's a lovely thing to hear. A few months ago, Ravenel wrote on his Facebook page that Kathryn goes out every night until between 3-6 a.m. and wakes up between noon and 2 p.m. He also wrote in the post (which has been deleted, but Fits News has a screen shot), "Never holding, changing their diapers, or taking them outside is not good parenting. As a mom she gets an F-." Soooo... no reunion?

6. Kathryn is — or was — dating


She may be a mom of two young kids, but that doesn't mean Kathryn has lost her mojo. According to Kathryn's father — yes, her father — Kathryn was dating her ex, Aaron Jones, in May. She even posted a photo of him to her Instagram.

7. Kathryn's accusing Thomas of using drugs


Damn. This is pretty low, but after a Twitter follower wrote to Kathryn, wondering if Thomas was hanging out with a porn star, Kathryn insinuated that Thomas isn't as squeaky clean as he likes to portray these days.

What do you think of Kathryn and Thomas' relationship?