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8 Bachelorette predictions about Tuesday night’s episode

I can’t even wrap my head around the drama that unfolded between Evan, Chad and JoJo tonight on The Bachelorette.

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First of all, since when does the show keep a guy around who could become physically violent? Usually the first sign of violence means they’re gone. But Chad has lived to see another episode, and it looks like the result of that negligence will mean someone on the show is going to get hurt.

1. Actually the most dramatic episode ever

During her blog post on People, JoJo said shit goes down. She wrote, “What’s coming up is — to go to the Bachelor lingo — quite possibly ‘the most dramatic episode in Bachelor history.'”

2. James Taylor gets hurt

It looked like in the preview for tomorrow night’s episode that one of the guys ends up bloody. And it looks like it was James Taylor! How that man could ever get wrapped up in the drama of the show is beyond me, so I’m going to go ahead and say that maybe it’s pool games that lead to his injury rather than Chad.

3. Evan is also bleeding

“Oh, Evan, you’re bleeding!” JoJo exclaims at the beginning of the preview. But he seems startled to find blood on his nose, so again, maybe some clever camera editing?

Check out the full preview above and judge for yourself.

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4. Chad does some more blustering

How many threats can one man spew out in the span of one episode? It’s gross.

5. Chad may actually apologize

Chris Harrison instructed Chad to make things right with Evan. Maybe he really will try, but I just can’t see that being the end of it given all of Chad’s mean threats. Of course, it could all just be clever camera editing like I said above and this whole thing will blow over… right.

6. Reality Steve weighs in

Warning: Reality Steve is known to be spot-on with his episode predictions, so read at your own risk of some serious spoilers.

According to Reality Steve, none of the guys gets violent at the pool party. Rather, the guys participate in some chicken fights in the pool and Evan starts bleeding after a dive into the water gone wrong.

7. JoJo takes back Evan’s rose

JoJo may not like the fact that Evan went behind her back to Harrison in order to get Chad out of the house. I know I sure wouldn’t. Sure, Chad is in the wrong, but so is Evan on this one. Stop taunting the guy and mind your own business. Evan should be spending time building a relationship with JoJo. Instead, he seems more fixated on Chad at this point and it only makes me dislike both of them. At least the Men Tell All special is sure to be interesting this year. And it’s only the third episode.

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8. JoJo keeps Chad and Evan

There is a good chance that JoJo will keep both Evan and Chad at the next rose ceremony. Evan is already secure with a rose. Chad will, surely, be one of the last, if not the last — again — to get a rose, but my guess is the show will keep him around for tension if nothing else.

Do you think The Bachelorette is about to get violent or is there just some clever editing going on for an overzealous pool party?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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