Yikes, Jill Duggar uses social media to invade her mom-in-law’s privacy in a major way

Jun 7, 2016 at 12:01 a.m. ET
Image: Jill Dillard/Instagram

Jill Duggar found herself in hot water again for her social media profiles. This time, she isn’t starting pregnancy rumors, but she did cause quite a stir over adoption. Specifically, she sent out a tweet asking her followers to help her and husband Derick Dillard find his mother Cathy’s birth mom. As you can imagine, many people on Twitter called this an extreme invasion of privacy and chastised Duggar for handling such a private matter publicly.


The reality star tweeted, "Please help us find @cldilla birth mom. Anyone know Joyce Perry (DOB 12/9/1925)? Previously in TX, OK & PA. Israel would love 2 meet ggma!"

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In the best case scenario, this is a weird way to handle such a personal search. Usually celebs use Twitter to find the best place to eat in a new city, not locate a birth mom. But what makes it worse is that Cathy tracked down Perry when she was 27 years old, but Perry had no interest in meeting Cathy.

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Adoption is a very complicated issue, and bringing an army of almost 200,000 strangers into an adoption case is probably the worst way to handle it. But apparently Duggar doesn’t see it that way. She sees it as a way to help her son meet his great-grandma, despite the fact that she definitely doesn’t want anything to do with her biological daughter or the family.

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Duggar may have had good intentions when she sent out the tweets, but after getting enough feedback about how insensitive and inappropriate it was to ask for help finding Perry online, she probably should have taken the tweet down and apologized for it. The internet is a powerful place, and finding Perry and exposing her to trolls or strangers online was just the wrong thing for Duggar to do. Now the best thing to hope for is that Duggar calls off the search and tells everyone to leave Perry alone.