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Thank you, Brandi Glanville, for embracing the one night stand

Brandi Glanville never shies away from any question. No matter who’s asking or who’s listening, she fields every question with an open and honest answer. It’s gotten her in trouble more than a couple of times, but it’s also what makes her so popular among fans. When E! threw her some questions about her sex life, she embraced her sexuality and boldly answered every one.

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Glanville was promoting her new show Famously Single when she was asked about her girl crush, her policy on sending nudes and how many one night stands she’s participated in. They were definitely not holding back and Glanville was up for all of it.

The reality star confessed, “[I] definitely send sexy pics from neck down to the boys I like. I don’t post nudes on social media as of yet. When I work out, and I’m proud of my body after two kids, I will post bathing suit or lingerie shots, but everything is covered.”

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She also admitted to four or less one night stands, “depending on the definition.” And that was the best answer of the entire interview.

Most people would have given a more politically correct answer, maybe picking the definition that would be the least “incriminating” for them, but not Glanville. She embraces her past and as a result, empowers others to do the same. Sex between two consenting adults isn’t anything to hide. In fact, it’s something to be celebrated, and Glanville knows that. She doesn’t allow public opinion to dictate what she is or isn’t ashamed of.

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What’s even more inspiring about Glanville is the fact that she is careful to protect herself and her kids from anything inappropriate on social media. What she does when she’s not taking care of her kids is her own business, but she knows that bringing that to social media wouldn’t be in their best interest, despite whatever attention it could bring her.

What she does share, she is obviously comfortable showing to the world and she shouldn’t get hate for that. She’s not sending the “wrong” message to her kids or doing it all for attention. She’s showing off her body that she’s worked for, giving her kids an example of a healthy relationship with sex and letting them know they are in control of what they share with the world. Glanville should be considered a role model for her honesty and nothing less.

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