Either Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik didn’t break up or she’s in total denial

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik broke up last week, ending another celebrity matchup of model and rock star. But did they really? Because Hadid’s own words and actions say otherwise. Love is so confusing, guys.

Hadid and Malik reportedly broke up sometime last week after a seven-month relationship, and she was spotted looking decidedly down in the dumps last Wednesday while out for lunch with her bestie, Kendall Jenner.


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But wait! On Friday, just a day after news of the split broke, Hadid was back on the red carpet referring to Malik as her boyfriend. At Maybelline New York’s LA Beauty Bash, Hadid told Elle how she prefers spending the night in than hitting the town.

“Cook. Paint. Play with my dog. Hang out with my boyfriend. Watch movies. Just chill,” Hadid told Elle of her perfect date night.

Could she have meant a general “boyfriend” or Malik specifically? That is up for debate, but her behavior the rest of the evening is not. She later shared a Snapchat video of herself lip-syncing to Malik’s song “Pillowtalk,” and stepped out wearing a “Z” necklace.

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Why are these two toying with our emotions? “Like all of these young relationships, it’s back and forth constantly,” a source close to Malik told Us Weekly. “They broke up but have still been talking constantly so it’s not totally done. It changes by the minute but they did break up.”

The pair’s last public appearance together was at the Met Gala in May.

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