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UnREAL‘s Rachel is on a power trip, but Quinn’s totally gonna squash that

After what seems like way too long of a hiatus (and this is coming from someone who binged UnREAL Season 1 after it aired), UnREAL Season 2 is finally here. It doesn’t seem like the first season can be beaten, but so far, the sophomore season of the hit Lifetime series is already kicking ass. If it keeps going that route, well, it just might surpass the freshman season.

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In the Season 2 premiere, appropriately titled “War,” it’s apparent this season is going to be all about power. Now that Quinn is basically the new Chet, that means Rachel is the new Quinn. That’s right, Rachel went from producer to the new showrunner for Everlasting. Seeing as she learned from the best (aka Quinn), to say she is taking her power role seriously would be an understatement.

At one point during the episode, Rachel even declared, “I feel like God.” If that doesn’t say she is embracing all of the power being thrown her way, I don’t know what does. Having too much power rarely ever turns out to be a good thing, but there’s no doubt that Rachel is badass as Everlasting‘s showrunner.

She’s had years of practice manipulating contestants, churning out intriguing story lines and raking in high ratings, so really, who better for the job? The difference now is Rachel’s going even more above and beyond to create the perfect show. Plus, now that she is responsible for bringing on the first black suitor of the reality series, I think it’s safe to say she’s feeling a lot of pressure to put out a successful season.

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However, Rachel (and with the help of Quinn) is really pushing the limits this time around. I mean, they even want the Pakistani contestant to wear a head scarf so she looks more like a terrorist. Not to mention, they are even trying to sell how she is a distant relative of Osama bin Laden. Yeah, Season 2 is really going there.

I have a feeling Rachel’s power trip is not going to last long, thanks to Quinn. At the end of the Season 2 premiere, Quinn and Chet declared war between one another. Chet wants to rule Everlasting again, but you know Quinn isn’t going to just hand it over. So, what does she do? She takes back the showrunner reins from Rachel. As she told Rachel, “You’re my girl, but I need Chet dead forever. You’ll get another shot. I just got to steer us past this train wreck and then I will hand the show back to you.”

Anyone else notice the look of worry across Rachel’s face? Yeah, she didn’t really like (or believe) that. This could end several ways, with either Quinn stomping all over Rachel until she can beat Chet, actually sticking to her word and letting Rachel shine as the showrunner, the two working flawlessly together like they usually do or Rachel trying to overthrow Quinn so she can continue being “God.”

Whatever happens, it sure looks like Season 2 is going to be another powerful season with badass, smart and successful women doing their thing. I mean, Quinn and Rachel did get tattoos reading, “Money, dick, power,” so what does that say about the remaining episodes?

UnREAL airs Mondays at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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