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Game of Thrones can’t possibly go on without Arya

I knew that something big was coming for Arya in Game of Thrones tonight. I just did not expect things to go down the way they did.

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WARNING: The last thing I want to do is ruin Game of Thrones for anyone, so just do yourself a favor and watch the episode before you keep reading.

I expected some epic fight like the Hound versus Brienne. Wouldn’t Arya have known to be suspicious of anyone and everyone trying to approach her? She grabbed Needle to prepare for the fight, after all. I really wanted a good Arya fighting battle, too. Instead, she just got stabbed repeatedly in a way that was — true to Game of Thrones — hard to watch.

But there is no way Arya is going to die. I refuse to believe it. We have been suffering through her time with the Faceless Men for way too many episodes for her to just die now. What was the point of all that if there wasn’t something much more exciting ahead? Admittedly, I was not a big fan of Arya’s training or her storyline up until this point. It’s been dull. And Jaqen H’ghar, who used to be one of my favorite characters, is now one of the least likable people in the series. Why would he just give up on her like that? And when did he go from assassin/mysterious badass to pay-to-play murderer?

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Of course, it’s important to note that things with the Faceless Men may not be what they seem. A new theory about Arya and the Waif is gaining traction. It proposes that Arya and the Waif are actually one and the same and that what we are actually seeing is Arya battling with her inner self and identity. As the Huffington Post says, if this new theory is correct, there is some serious Fight Club shit happening on the show right now.

Personally, I’m not a big believer in this particular theory. The whole thing about the Faceless Men is that they are faceless and master deceivers, so the fact that the Waif is masterful enough to hide herself when she wants really isn’t a surprise.

This theory hinges a lot on that scene from a few episodes back when the Waif beat the crud out of Arya day in and day out, and no one in the streets helped a poor blind girl. But that just seemed to be the buildup for the events in tonight’s episode, when Arya was repeatedly stabbed and no one came to her aid then, either. The moral of the story seems to be not that the Waif is somehow not real but that the people of Braavos are jerks.

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Other random thoughts I had about tonight…

Woo hoo! First Tommen got some balls, and now it looks like Theon’s might be growing back, too.

Oh man, Margaery’s grandma totally gave it to Cersei.

I’m kinda glad Jaime’s back out on the road because it means fun times with Bron and a wily Jaime.

I feel like the show is kinda just playing into the lesbian cliché with Yara. Anyone else?

The Hound getting all spiritual is sort of awesome, but I’m glad that only lasted for one episode because I’m ready for some ass kicking.

Do you think Arya is going to die, or will someone finally come to her aid?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Game of Thrones Season 6 slideshow
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