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The Duggars seem desperate to get Counting On renewed on TLC

The Duggars have a ploy to keep their only remaining cash cow on the air. Unfortunately for them, it is failing miserably.

Jill & Jessa: Counting On was TLC’s way of attempting to satisfy the Duggar detractors by canceling 19 Kids and Counting after Josh’s molestation scandal while still raking in some Duggar dollars. It was only signed for one season, though — and as of now, that might be the only season aired.

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While the show got decent ratings, advertisers fled like rats from a sinking ship. Dole, Intuit, Cicis Pizza, UPS, Choice Hotels and Verizon Wireless all yanked their commercials, with all stating they do not endorse the Duggars.

Without advertisers, the ratings don’t matter — the network won’t make any money on the show. And so it seems that the Duggars are facing the TLC chopping block once again.

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But wait! What about the power of social media? A new hashtag has surfaced for a campaign to #BringtheDuggarsBack. But it is not exactly an organic social media moment, as rumor has it the Duggars themselves are behind the movement. And unfortunately for them, they seem to have overestimated the desire of the TV-watching public to devour any more of what the Duggars are trying to feed us. The hashtag has not taken off on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, so it is unlikely TLC will see it as a huge motivator in their decision to either renew or cancel the show.

And in fact, many Twitter users are more vocal about not bringing the Duggars back, like, ever.

Things are not looking good for the Duggars as far as their TV careers go. Will TLC finally give the entire clan the ax? We’ll keep you updated.

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