Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters are furious with Mariah Carey & Madonna

Lady Gaga fans have a bone to pick with Madonna and Mariah Carey. According to the writers of a new petition, the pop divas aren’t doing all they could be for gay rights — while still claiming to be moving gay culture forward. Mariah Carey received a GLAAD award “for no reason whatsoever,” according to the petitioners.

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While Madonna and Carey are “exploiting the gay community,” Lady Gaga has allegedly done the groundwork in serving the LGBT youth that makes up a segment of her audience. As the petition points out, she has her own Born This Way foundation to help LGBT youth.

One harsh comment on the petition reads, “Madonna never cared about the gay community. She just cared about their business.” Another couldn’t agree more. “These two untalented hags need to step aside and let Lady Gaga take over.”

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Madonna hasn’t responded to the petition directly, but she did post a subtle reminder of her activism on Instagram. Fans who have been following Madonna for decades will recall that although she may not have a foundation, she’s often brought gay rights to the forefront of her act. (And remember when she kissed Britney Spears?)

The post has garnered over 30,000 likes — compare that to the 124 supporters of the petition. Madonna, we think you’ve won.

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