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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans may be lying to herself about what’s best for Jace

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Oh, consistency, thy name is Jenelle Evans.

It could be said that each of the moms on this season of Teen Mom 2 has had some encouraging changes in her life: Chelsea’s engaged (and a pig owner!), Kail is in school and about to end her toxic relationship with Javi, and even Leah seems to be on a healthier path. Jenelle, though, remains entrenched in old habits. Although she’s not on drugs anymore, her new boyfriend, David, is basically the worst, her relationship with Nathan, ex-boyfriend and father of her son, Kaiser, is tense at best, not to mention that business about Jenelle assaulting Nathan’s girlfriend. All this, and she’s still quarreling with her mom, Barb, about getting custody of Jace.

On Monday’s Teen Mom 2 season finale, Jenelle and Barb fought yet again about Jace, who’s 6 years old now and totally old enough to understand a lot of what’s going on. After an argument about whether Barb should have to drive halfway to Jenelle’s to pick up Jace or whether it was Jenelle’s responsibility to bring him all the way back to her house, Jenelle explained to Jace that he wasn’t living with her because at one point, she didn’t have a stable home for herself or for him. Kind of? There was also that part where Jenelle refused to actually parent him and left him with Barb all the time, so Barb went to court to get custody of him, and when she realized she didn’t have the money for a full-on legal battle, Jenelle signed over “temporary” custody to her mother.

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This is not the version Jenelle told to Jace (which, to be fair, might be hard to explain to him), and it’s also not included in any narrative Jenelle delivers when she and Barb fight about custody. According to Jenelle, everything right now is super great and stable, and Jace should definitely be living with her, in spite of the fact that she’s in a relationship with a dude who tells her son not to “cry like a girl,” as Dave said to Jace in the latest episode. In other words, stuff is still terrible, and Barb isn’t fooled, and it seems unlikely that Jenelle will be altering any of her behavior, even if this show makes it to Season 25. For the record, I do hope that’s not true, for everyone involved. It is discouraging to see this season end with Jenelle using Jace as bait yet again to keep fighting with her mom. It’s exhausting to watch, so I hope Barb, Jace, Kaiser and all people adjacent to Jenelle are getting hazard pay.

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Do you think Jace should be living with Jenelle? Will her relationship with Barb ever change? Tell us in the comments!

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