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Devastating celeb breakups and 9 other stories in pop culture this week

Break out the box of tissues, because this week in pop culture was all about the tragic breakups. Here’s what you might have missed if you weren’t paying attention.

1. Things get ugly with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

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Last week we learned of the sad dissolution of Depp’s short marriage to Heard, and this week things went atomic as Heard alleges domestic abuse and Depp’s camp basically claims Heard is manipulating the situation for a bigger payout.

Of course, the court of public opinion has already tried and convicted both parties on social media: Depp for being an abuser and Heard for being a gold-digging liar. Sigh, it’s a cruel world out there on the World Wide Web, folks.

More: Oh boy, Johnny Depp’s friend claims he was “manipulated” by Amber Heard

2. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are officially dunzo

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Image: Giphy

Fans were devastated when Harris confirmed on Twitter that he and Swift were indeed finito. Swift double-confirmed it when she pinned the tweet on her own page.

Will Harris be reduced to just a line in a song? Only time will tell. I’ll just be over here waiting with bated breath to find out.

3. Crazy corgi loves to shower

After reliving those devastating celeb breakups, we need to lighten things up a little with this adorable corgi that went viral this week. You’re welcome.

4. Beck releases a new single

Gird your loins, Kanye; Beck is back and his new song is, like, “Wow.”

“Wow” is available for download on iTunes right now here.

5. Pokémon video game trailer blows up

Unbeknown to most of us, Pokémon is still a huge thing. Huge enough that this trailer for the upcoming video game Pokémon Sun and Moon racked up more than 2.4 million views in just 24 hours.

And in case you were wondering, yes, Pokémon is still like a cracked-out whiskey dream.

6. Marauders first official trailer debuts

I mean, you had us at Bruce Willis, but toss in Christopher Meloni and you’re gonna have one humdinger of an action flick.

7. Code Switch hits No. 1 on the iTunes podcast charts

NPR has done it again. Code Switch launched on May 31 and quickly rose to the top of the charts. The Code Switch team has been engaging in conversations about race, culture and ethnicity for a bit now, but the new podcast aims to further the conversation and extend their reach.

Code Switch has become an essential source for unflinchingly honest while empathetic discussions about race, ethnicity and identity,” NPR’s Senior Vice President of News and Editorial Director Michael Oreskes said in a recent NPR press release. “It’s a crucial moment for these conversations. It is important to involve as many people from all backgrounds as possible. This new podcast expands the Code Switch team’s platforms to engage with audiences seeking greater perspective on these questions in their lives and in our world.”

You can stream Code Switch here and it’s available for download here.

8. Rihanna kicks off the summer with a new song

Rihanna has been a busy little bee releasing new music lately, and she and producer Mike WiLL Made-It just added to her catalog with the new single “Nothing is Promised.” Prepare for dance party central.

“Nothing is Promised” is available for download here.

9. Modern Lovers hits bookshelves

Rihanna may have released the song of the summer, but it’s also that time of year for warm weather reading. New York Times best-selling author Emma Straub just released her newest novel, about a group of college friends coming to terms with their own children growing up that is perfect to devour by the pool.

Modern Lovers is available for hard copy purchase here and download here .

10. Mark Salling’s child pornography saga continues

Image: Cousart/JFXimages/WENN

Glee fans were shocked to learn that the show’s own Mark Salling had been arrested for the alleged possession of child pornography last year, and the saga continues this week as reports circulated that Salling is required to turn himself in to federal authorities on June 3, ahead of an arraignment in his case. He could be facing anywhere from five to 20 years in prison if he is convicted of the charges against him.

What do you think was the biggest moment in pop culture this week?

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