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No, let’s all calm down — Calvin Harris isn’t looking for another girlfriend

Calvin Harris recently broke his silence about his breakup from Taylor Swift, confirming with a short tweet that after 15 months together, the romance just wasn’t there anymore.

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While the breakup reports are now official, there’s still a lot of speculation about what exactly went wrong and how Swift and Harris will be dealing with their breakup. Will there be new love interests on the scene in the near future? Or are Swift and Harris planning on focusing on themselves and their careers? There are so many questions still surrounding this breakup, and we definitely don’t have the answers, but a report from Hollywood Life has offered some clues (kinda) as to what Harris will be getting up to post-split.

According to the publication, Harris has a history of jumping from one relationship to another — a pretty unfair assumption, if you ask me — but it turns out this time around things are very different.

“Calvin has a habit of bouncing from relationships, but this time he’s thinking he wants some time to himself,” a source told Hollywood Life.

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Yep, apparently Harris is not looking for a new girlfriend because he’s focusing all his attention on his work.

“He’s been throwing himself into work at the studio and doesn’t even want to think about dating at the moment; it’s all about his music,” the source adds.

It’s no secret that Harris is one of the most highly paid DJ’s in the world, and the fact that he is reportedly concentrating on his career is going to make fans of his music very happy. As for Taylor Swift? We’re not sure what she’s been doing post-split, but according to a tweet, she recently deleted a picture of herself and Harris off social media (but we see that her loved-up beach vacation pictures are still up).

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