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Say it ain’t so! Calvin Harris confirms our Taylor Swift breakup fears

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have really called it quits this time. The former couple just confirmed it themselves on Twitter and I’ve been crying since the news first broke on Wednesday.
Swift retweeted Harris’ post, but I think it’s worth noting that she didn’t “like” the tweet.

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Honestly, I don’t like it either. I am have been heartrendingly sad over this breakup. I even unfollowed Harris on Twitter and Instagram. (It was kind of an impulse decision.) 

Why am I so upset about it? Well, I’m a huge Swiftie. I will Twitter-fight for Swift ’til the social media death and if you don’t like it, you can unfollow.

But the number one reason their split makes me sad is because Tayvin gave me hope for my own romantic future, as it did for many of the singer’s fans.

A lot of us have dated our fair share of Harry Styleses and Jake Gyllenhaals. You hope that finally getting over your Styles helps you find your Harris, but what happens when things don’t work out with him either?

I would imagine Swift may have felt the same way at first. Before the DJ, she didn’t date anyone for two years. She was tired of people slut-shaming her for dating different guys, so she gave up relationships altogether.

She finally allowed herself to love again with Harris. She was photographed out with him in public. She introduced him to her family and friends. She posted photos with him on social media for her fans.

However, until the couple had been dating for a year, the “Shake It Off” singer still kept her relationship with Harris relatively private. She didn’t talk about him in interviews, mention him publicly or walk red carpets with him.

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Once the couple hit that one-year mark, that’s when I started to get nervous. Swift suddenly seemed more open about Harris than ever before. She was mentioning her “magical relationship” in Vogue. She was talking about the Christmas present he gave her. She was even thanking him onstage at an award show.

And when they showed Harris’ face while she thanked her “boyfriend Adam” by his real name on stage at the iHeart Radio Music Awards, I started to get scared. I worried that Swift had gotten too comfortable and that the new public nature of their relationship would scare Harris away.

It turns out my fears may have been right, but Swift shouldn’t have to worry about scaring someone away! If someone is truly the right person for you, being yourself or open about your relationship with them isn’t going to scare them away.

Plus, she’s Taylor-freaking-Swift! She’s arguably the most famous musical artist of this generation. She’s incredibly smart, successful and beautiful. People can hate on her all they want, but she’s built an empire.

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Swift will find the right guy, but I think she needed to date Harris to open herself up to love again. She may have been sad at first, but I hope she realizes this is just another stepping stone in her journey.

Love isn’t dead; it’s still out there. It’s out there for Swift, it’s out there for me and it’s out there for you, no matter what sad breakups we go through along the way.

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