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There goes our Bachelorette season! Our front-runner may be worse than Chad

America’s new sweetheart Jordan Rodgers didn’t last long at the top. In only week three of the show, the rumors are coming out that the Bachelorette contestant is on the show for (gasp!) the wrong reasons. In the Bachelor world, just about the only unpardonable sin is getting too thirsty in your quest for fame. Sorry, Rodgers, you can pack your tight tees and head back to the football field.

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Us Weekly has the scoop from some insiders who claim to know the contestant has more interest in the spotlight than in JoJo Fletcher. According to the mag, Fletcher received “multiple warnings” from sources close to Rodgers prior to shooting the show.

Even worse, another insider alleges that “Jordan was seeing another girl. He only went on the show to land sports commentator gigs.”

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The Bachelor shows rarely lead to marriage, let alone fame and fortune. When will contestants learn that there really is only one reason to sign on — to try to find love in the most public way possible.

While he’s still on the show, Rodgers is doing a great job at getting his 15 minutes of fame. Next week’s trailer shows him confessing to Fletcher that he’s “made a lot of mistakes” with a previous girlfriend, just the type of vaguely emotional statement that I’m betting will win him lots of fans. But will it win him a sports commentating job? Hmm…

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