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The women of American Ninja Warrior owned the premiere

Thank you to the ladies of American Ninja Warrior — tomorrow I will be hitting the gym. Hard.

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The women who competed last night in the Los Angeles qualifier on the premiere of Season 8 absolutely killed it and made it look easy too.

Jessie Graff, an American Ninja Warrior favorite from past seasons, became the first and only woman to complete the new course during the Los Angeles qualifier.

She and Natalie Duran moved on to the next round, which marked the first time two women have been in the top 30 together.

The show even took a moment to highlight the ladies of the premiere, which I really appreciated.

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Here’s the thing: Guys are naturally and statistically stronger than women. That’s just the way it is. Can a woman be as strong as a man? Of course. But she will probably have to work at it a lot more diligently. So seeing the way the women on this show competed tonight really gave me a sense of pride on behalf of the female population. I felt pride as Graff and Duran raced across that course on par with their male counterparts because those girls are working. W-O-R-K-I-N-G. Sure, it is their success entirely to bask in, but their success also means that women are again beating the odds and breaking that glass ceiling for future generations.

Whereas most women are competing in their jobs in a way that wouldn’t make for very good television, American Ninja Warrior is a physical translation of the struggle a lot of women can understand. Yet, despite the odds that are against us (like the big one that women still make 83 cents to the dollar of a man), there are women out there who are refusing to give up.

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I know that if I was inspired by last night’s premiere, there were tons of girls younger than I am who were as well, and that’s the best gift the show can give.

Who impressed you the most during the American Ninja Warrior premiere?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

american ninja warrior slideshow
Image: NBC

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