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Note to Jen Bush: Don’t ask your crush for sperm, ever

It’s no secret that life as a single mom can be tough, but things get even more complicated when you’re a single mom in search of a dad for your second child. Jen Bush knows all about this particular struggle, as we learned during tonight’s episode of There Goes the Motherhood. Eager to add another bundle of joy to her family, Bush decided to ask a major favor of an old friend (who, based on her body language, is also a huge crush).

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As awkward as the idea of asking a friend/crush for sperm may seem, Bush made it that much more cringe-worthy with her ill-informed approach. Her old buddy is the lead singer for a country rock band, so what better time to request sperm than right after a big show?

Jen Bush
Image: Bravo

Somehow, Bush decided that this odd approach to asking for sperm was a “really good idea” and nobody bothered to dissuade her. Thus, she found herself in complete shock when her big plan fell through. Turns out, her old buddy is happily engaged and intent on having kids with his current fiancée. Bush heard the big news shortly after greeting him. This tidbit stopped her big plan dead in its tracks, and instead of making her request, she offered very disingenuous words of congratulations.

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Bush later admitted that she was perturbed by the fact that a guy who has always espoused a suspicion of relationship commitment was suddenly rushing into marriage. Worse, however, was the fact that her so-called backup plan crashed and burned. If, as I suspect, she really did have the hots for this guy, the news of his sudden desire for commitment (with somebody other than Bush) must have been a major blow.

Jen Bush
Image: Bravo

As terrible as Bush’s baby-making plan was, I can’t help but feel a little bit sorry for her. I can’t imagine traveling that far only to see my big plans go up in flames. Fortunately, previews for the rest of the season indicate that Bush did eventually find a sperm donor. I very much doubt the lucky guy was her first choice, but I’m sure she’s happy to have a baby on the way, even without her crush as the father.

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