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Blake Shelton may finally get the family he’s always wanted — with Gwen Stefani

Things are starting to move quickly for Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. Although they’ve been dating for less than a year, it seems they’ve already started talking about babies and marriage. It was reported a few weeks ago that they may be thinking about babies and it turns out they may be serious about their talks now.

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One source told Us Weekly that the two “talk openly about their future together. They say things like, ‘When we get married…’ all the time.” Which is pretty serious talk when you consider that Stefani has three sons to consider. She shares Kingston, Zuma and Apollo with her ex, Gavin Rossdale, so they would be a huge consideration if Shelton and Stefani were to say “I do.”

The same source, a close friend to Stefani, also mentioned that Gwen may be trying to get pregnant now. The source revealed, “Gwen says she wants to give Blake his own kid. She wants a girl!” 

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The singers are not in their early twenties, so the fast timeline is pretty normal for people in their positions, but it all seems fast considering the kind of year they both had last year. Two divorces, two albums and a major TV show are a lot to juggle in the first year of a relationship, let alone a celebrity relationship.

People as successful as Stefani and Shelton usually know exactly what they want pretty quickly, so it’s entirely possible that this will work out exactly how they hope. It worked for Brad and Angelina. But on the off chance that those two were the exception to the rule, I think someone may want to warn these two that they can take it slow. Maybe make it to their one-year anniversary before they start thinking about children and marriage.

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Luckily, while they have these serious conversations, Shelton can practice being a family man by spending all his time with Stefani and her sons. The four guys are getting “closer and closer” all the time, especially with Shelton spending so much time in Los Angeles. It looks like a very strong start for Shelton and Stefani if they really do want to create a family together.

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