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Jen Lilley’s DOOL exit may just be another nail in the coffin for the show

Soap fans are having a hard time keeping up with the revolving door of actors these days. The latest news from Daytime Confidential that Jen Lilley is reportedly leaving Days of Our Lives makes us stop and ponder what is happening to our beloved NBC show.

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While we know DOOL isn’t going anywhere soon since the show’s contract was renewed for a 51st season, I’m thinking about the show’s status beyond that. In the past two years, fans have seen the exit of some major legacy characters, including Sami Brady, Eric Brady, Stefano DiMera, Will Horton and Bo Brady.

The departures have been for a variety of reasons, from storyline deaths to the firing of cast members to actors not renewing their contracts. All of these events add up to a big hole in DOOL’s core and supporting characters. The departure list is extraordinarily long for one daytime show.

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Lilley has not made an official announcement regarding her contract status, but viewers are waiting on impending doom as Kate Mansi’s last airdate looms. The show has been actively auditioning for a replacement to play Abigail, so there is some relief in knowing the one DOOL persona will continue on.

Even if they replace Theresa Donovan with another actress, there is no doubt that Lilley has made a huge impact on the daytime series. Her calculating, devious and downright sarcastic portrayal has added a lot of spice and sass to the show.

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It’s hard to even predict how this will play out since DOOL also follows an unusual timeline by writing and shooting their episodes six months ahead of time. Is this completely the end of Theresa, or could we see a new actress add her spin to the character?

Either way, I would like the producers and writers to chill out and go back to the heart of the show. Let’s not see a constant flux of characters coming and going from Salem; a little tradition and stability is a good thing.

How do you feel about Jen Lilley’s reported departure from Days of Our Lives?

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