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Teen Mom‘s Amber Portwood has just found her new signature look

Last we saw Teen Mom‘s Amber Portwood, she was celebrating her birthday with a whole new look. Turns out, Portwood’s makeover wasn’t just a one-day deal. She’s now cut her hair and is transforming herself in honor of her new year. America’s Next Top Model, here she comes?

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Portwood shared the new, chic cut on Instagram with the caption, “It was time for a new my new hair.”

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t point out that her brows also look fantastic, her skin is glowing and she’s wearing almost no makeup. Whatever beauty regimen Portwood is using, it’s working for her.

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Portwood has also been open about discussions of her struggles with weight. As Us Weekly points out, she’s lost 30 pounds since last summer. Portwood shared her healthy eating regimen on Twitter, writing that her diet consisted of a plan to “cut out bad carbs like sugar and cut down on pasta to start … also try to not eat trans fats.”

Her fans are loving the cut in the comments section — although they will take any opportunity to leave shade over her fiancé Matt Baier. One writes, “Wow Amber !! Your looking great stay heathy proud of you.” Another adds, “You might wanna get a real man!”

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