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Stacey Dash’s memoir is going to be really dark compared to Clueless

Stacey Dash’s memoir is going to be a far cry from Clueless.

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Unlike the classic comedy that made Dash famous, her memoir, There Goes My Social Life, will address her lifetime of abuse and addiction.

Sometimes my past is extraordinarily heavy,” Dash told People magazine during a sit-down to talk about her book. “That’s when I scream and cry until I feel like I can breathe again.”

In her book, Dash recounts that she was only 4 years old the first time she was molested by a 16-year-old family friend. When she was 16, Dash was offered her first line of cocaine. She quickly became addicted.

“I couldn’t find happiness,” Dash said. “It got to a point where I didn’t even want to live anymore. The voice in my head was saying, ‘There’s nothing here for you.'”

That lifestyle gave Dash a lot of her current, controversial views about welfare programs.

“When you get stuff for free, you have no self-worth,” she said. “When you have no self-worth, you become depressed, addicted and either abused or an abuser. This is what perpetuates the cycle of violence in inner cities. We don’t need free stuff. We need opportunities.”

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She continued, “When I say there should not be a BET channel or a Black History Month, I’m saying we deserve more. I just hope people understand that I’m not judging; I’m coming from experience.”

Dash was in an abusive relationship before she started dating musician Christopher Williams. And soon after meeting Williams, she became pregnant. In her book, she recounts how she almost chose to have an abortion.

“When I got pregnant, I was doing a lot of drugs and I didn’t want to live,” she said. “I wanted to die. I was going to have an abortion. I was crying and I said to God, ‘Please tell me what to do.’ And God told me, ‘Keep your son.’ I ripped the IV out of my arm and I said, ‘I’m keeping my son.'”

Dash has been making headlines in recent years for her controversial, conservative views. But with the dark details of her past coming out, will those offended by her views give her any more slack? According to the comments posted on the article, probably not.

“stacey truly needs to s t f u,” one commenter wrote. Another added, “God cannot reach people audibly and tell them not to rape or steal but he can talk to stacey dash?”

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Do you plan to read Stacey Dash’s memoir?

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