Even Amber Heard’s income is fair game in her split from Johnny Depp

Jun 1, 2016 at 9:40 a.m. ET
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By now, pretty much every fan of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard knows that, after 15 months of marriage, the couple has filed for divorce. But the public scrutiny of their relationship is just beginning to heat up.

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One of the major issues that stems from being married to such a high-profile star is that it's virtually impossible to keep personal affairs private, and all the intimate details about the couple's tumultuous relationship are being drudged up, including Heard's expenses and income.

According to People magazine, Heard has requested spousal support for the amount of $50,000 a month, as well as protection for her dog, Pistol, and sole access to the downtown Los Angeles home where she and Depp had lived since getting married. Depp has asked the judge to deny Heard's request for spousal support, but a decision will not be made until the next hearing.

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But why is Heard requesting $50,000 a month? Court documents recently obtained by People reveal Heard's expenses and income. According to the publication, in 2015 Heard earned a total of $259,876 from her various projects, including The Danish Girl and Paranoia, as well as paychecks from Tiffany & Co. and Bulgari.

But according to the publication, the court documents also list Heard's expenses, including her agent fees, auto payments and union dues, after which she took home significantly less money: a total of $51,461 last year.

Us Weekly also obtained newly filed court documents which reportedly detail Heard's average monthly expenses. These include $10,000 for rent, $10,000 for entertainment and vacation, $2,000 for clothing, $3,000 for health care, $2,000 for groceries, $2,000 for dining out, and another $10,000 for various costs, including her agent and pet expenses.

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Us Weekly reports that the above costs, as well as some additional smaller expenses, equal an average monthly expenditure of $43,700.

Unfortunately, it looks as though things between Depp and Heard are going to be very messy, and it's unlikely that either party will come to an agreement anytime soon.

Do you think it's fair that all Amber Heard's finances and expenses are being exposed? Or is this to be expected, given the magnitude of the divorce? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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