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Chrisley Knows Best gets emotional with huge health scare

It was an uncharacteristically emotional episode of Chrisley Knows Best in the latest episode. Usually we see Todd Chrisley acting in a dramatic fashion to get his kids to act right or to teach them a lesson. But last night, there was a very serious health scare that brought him to tears and gave the audience a glimpse into how close the Chrisleys are.

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During the episode, Todd’s mom finds a lump in her breast and needs his wife, Julie, and son, Chase, to take her to the hospital in Atlanta to make sure that it isn’t anything serious. Todd spends all day worrying for the health of his mother. When he finds out she’s healthy and there’s nothing to worry about, he breaks down into tears because he is so happy.

The fact that he teared up wasn’t what was surprising — most children would cry happy tears when they find out that their mother was healthy and ready to live another 30 years. What really resonated with me was how he told Julie to bring his mom up to Nashville from Atlanta immediately. He just wanted her to be near him. It was endearing and charming and really showed Todd’s heart.

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It’s very rare that reality shows have truly genuine and vulnerable moments anymore. Most feel completely scripted and inauthentic. But in this moment, Todd was a son who was faced with the possibility that he wouldn’t have his mom anymore, and that scared him. So when he realized he received the gift of more time with her, he took full advantage.

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It’s a perspective that all of us could stand to have more often. We take for granted the time we have with our loved ones. Thankfully, it only took watching an episode of Chrisley Knows Best for me to gain the perspective and not a tragic health scare. For that, I thank you, Todd Chrisley. And so does my mom.

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