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Britney Spears’ goofy Instagram video is actually a great sign

Over Memorial Day weekend, we saw tons of celebrities posting to social media about their parties. Everyone had cute bathing suits, delicious cocktails and tons of friends. And then there was Britney Spears. Her post to Instagram was a 30-second clip of her in a hot tub — but it’s not as sexy as it sounds. In fact, it’s totally goofy.

The singer is alone in the hot tub and, as the video starts, she stretches herself over the ledge. She then dips back into the tub and taps her fingers along the edge. All of this while Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time” plays in the background of the video. Nothing about the video makes any sense — it’s definitely confusing, but it’s also a great sign for all the die-hard fans of Brit-Brit.

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Spears has always been a little bit of a goofy character. Most people forget that because she’s absolutely gorgeous and has an amazing body, but if you watch any of her interviews (especially before 2007), you can see a bubbly, smiling, goofy girl from Louisiana. She never really took herself that seriously in public or with her closest friends. During her dark period, she lost all that goofy sparkle and became a muted version of the icon we all fell in love with.

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To see her now, smiling from ear to ear and playing around in a hot tub by herself, while it is absolutely ridiculous, it’s also a sign that the old Britney is back to stay. We saw it when she performed at the Billboard Music Awards earlier this month, but now we know that it’s also happening in her personal life as well. She’s really in control and not afraid to show people how silly she can be.

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The fact that she’s allowing herself to be so strange in front of her 10.7 million followers means that she’s no longer afraid of anyone calling her crazy because she knows she isn’t. So we should do our part in supporting her harmless nonsense because it means we finally have our favorite pop icon back.

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