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Scream‘s [SPOILER] isn’t gone for good, but how the heck is that even possible?

It’s safe to say that Scream Season 2 will probably be just as bloody as Season 1, if not more. Based on the Season 2 premiere, which aired Monday, the series continues to shock fans by killing off major characters. If you’ve yet to watch the episode, then read no further.

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So, who got killed? This time around it was none other than Jake. I know, I’m still somewhat in shock that they got rid of him (and someone so major) so soon. After getting in a fight with Brooke (yes, they are/were together), Jake went off to prove himself to her, but then ended up in the killer’s trap. Even though he fought for his life, the masked killer ended up gutting Jake. It’s as gruesome as it sounds.

There’s no way he survived that, right? I mean, there was a ton of blood after that giant sickle sliced him open. Well, according to Scream‘s showrunners, Richard Register and Michael Gans, who spoke with TV Line, Jake isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Say what now?

Jake Fitzgerald
Image: Tumblr

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After asking about being surprised about Jake dying, Register answered, “What are you talking about? Jake has a huge storyline this season… I will tell you this: He is not gone.” As for Gans, he said, “That’s not the last time you’re going to see Jake Fitzgerald.”

There you have it, Jake fans. He will still be around, but how? Obviously, maybe he really isn’t dead, but that doesn’t seem plausible. However, this is Scream and anything can happen.

Another possibility is that Jake will show up in flashbacks or video footage, because as viewers know, web cams and recording everyone’s actions are a huge part of the show. Maybe Jake will even pop up in a dream, which definitely seems to be a huge theme this season. Or, and this might be a stretch, but is there a chance that Jake could be a twin? Hey, never say never.

Either way, Jake will be back.

Scream airs Mondays at 11/10c on MTV.

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