Finding Dory might be beating Frozen 2 to the LGBT punch

May 31, 2016 at 3:01 p.m. ET
Image: Disney Pixar

Disney Pixar may be about to break down a new boundary.

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Followers of the company's many hit animated films have been pointing out in recent months the distinct lack of LGBT characters in Disney Pixar's movies, but is that about to change? Some fans are speculating that a pair of women shown in the newest trailer for the upcoming Finding Nemo sequel, Finding Dory, are actually a lesbian couple.

The promo, which debuted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, includes a scene in which a toddler drops her sippy cup out of her stroller, and one of a pair of women walking by picks up the cup and says, "Poor baby. Let me get that for you."

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It's a very brief scene, but it's already caused plenty of speculation that the two women shown are actually a couple. If the rumors are true, it would be the first time a lesbian couple is portrayed in a Disney movie. The speculation follows a push by fans to make Elsa of Frozen Disney's first lesbian princess — the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend trended on Twitter as fans asked for Elsa to fall in love with another princess in the Oscar-winning movie's upcoming sequel.

Supporters of LGBT rights are already applauding Disney for the rumored couple in Finding Dory, taking to social media to write things like, "If the rumors are true and the first lesbian couple in a disney movie ever is in #FindingDory YAY for a big important step to acceptance!!!!" and "People are boycotting Disney because they show a lesbian couple in the Finding Dory trailer…Do they not know who voices Dory?!?"

Dory is voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, who came out as a lesbian in 1997. So far, she has been silent about whether the new film will feature a gay couple.

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