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Kaley Cuoco slams Harambe’s ‘senseless’ killing & doesn’t care what you think

By now, most people would have heard about the tragic incident that happened at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden over the weekend, which led to an endangered silverback gorilla, Harambe, being shot and killed.

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There are opposing opinions on whether the Cincinnati Zoo’s Dangerous Animal Response team made the right decision by shooting Harambe, but park officials believe that it was either Harambe’s life at stake or that of the little boy who slipped into the gorilla’s enclosure — and animal expert Jack Hanna agreed with the zoo’s decision. However, Kaley Cuoco feels very differently, and she took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the heartbreaking incident.

Posting a picture of Harambe, she captioned it with a lengthy post about how the gorilla was senselessly killed due to human stupidity. She wrote, “RIP #harambe Im sure I will get tons of backlash (per usual) I mean let’s be honest, I wear the wrong sweatpants and the entire world has something to say about it, but once again, another senseless horrendous animal being killed over people not using their brains. If you watch the footage, you see this gorgeous animal holding that child’s hand. Do with that what you will. As sad as this makes me, a part of me is happy for that amazing creature doesn’t have to live in captivity another day. Bring on the hate!!!!”

Many people agree with Cuoco’s thoughts, with comments on her post including, “I totally agree! Well said!,” “Preach it girl!! I love u, ur just like I am -say it like it is!!” and “I agree with you I’m heartbroken x.”

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Kjerzewski also weighed in on Cuoco’s post, writing, “@normancook agree with every single word you said! If you look at the gorillas behavior, he was actually guarding the child from the screaming and pulling him up out of the water much like he would have done with his own. This all falls back on the parent, it took more than 5 minutes for that boy to climb into that enclosure, what on earth was his mother doing?!?#ripharambe.”

However, there are plenty of commenters who have called out Cuoco for being misinformed about the situation.

“I am saddened by the gorilla’s death,” rpsjimj wrote, adding, “But to say the gorilla was protecting the child is untrue. Gorilla experts not connected with the zoo have stated that the silverback’s behavior and body language indicate that the child was in imminent danger. It’s a sad situation all around.”

“Clearly if you handled this situation the way you think is fit, the gorilla would be alive and that boy would either be dead or seriously hurt,” bbbrandie wrote.

“The experts all agree, but everyone thinks they have the right to question and judge them, but then asks not to be judged lmfao too funny,” bounce_sbsc commented.

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It was a tough decision, one that has spurred online backlash, created petitions and left many angry and upset, and while Cuoco, a passionate animal lover, believes that there were other measures that could have been taken to protect both the life of the boy and Harambe, it’s clear not everyone agrees.

What do you think of Kaley Cuoco’s post? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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